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A Message from the Desk of Principal

Dear Students, learned teachers and beloved ones!
Wish everyone a Sparkling and Rocking New Academic Session – 2017

Heartfelt greetings

principal-2May the dawning of this New Academic Session open up for you new horizons, fill your heart with new hopes and bring for you! Promises of brighter tomorrows! Just a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around…. This year may add new beauty and freshness into your life.
Dearest ones! New Session makes a new beginning, new people to meet new adventures to enjoy and new memories to create, you will have opportunity to shape and align thoughts, space to laugh and smile, you will have time to change your attitude and days to settle in new life style….You will have all the choices and time to decide but what to decide and choose will be a challenge….here your values and ideals will guide you to make right choices…Life is all about what you and how you perceive people, life, work, studies, career and society. Remember your way of perception shape your attitude and your attitude is your destiny. What you get is the result of what you do and what you is guided by what you see.
The new session always ushers in the sense of renewal – a renewal of purpose and collective commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, research and service to our community while the past year tested us in many ways. Now we are forging ahead with new vigour to achieve our strategic objectives.
I advise you wake up every day and take the new day as a new opportunity, a new chance to discover and learn. Live for today, because yesterday is over, tomorrow is yet to come, but today is the present. It is today which will form tomorrow and tomorrow will form the future. This is the way to start this session dearest ones.
We assure you that Guru Nanak Dev Academy continues to stay because we impart a holistic education that factors in the relevance of education to society. We not only kindle the mind but also nurture the hidden strength of the child. We shall certainly mould our children to become asset of this great nation.
I earnestly pray to Akal Purkh to bestow his love and blessings on you.
Wishing you happiness and prosperity in your life.