Programe for Academic Excellence

Program for Academic Excellence

Following steps shall be taken on the part of the teacher to achieve academic excellence:-

  • Master planning according to the level of the students.
  • Different lesson plannings according to the I.Q of the students.
  • Maximum use of ICT/audio-visual aids.
  • Checking of the notebooks regularly, testing of the taught contents and feedback/follow up action. Identification of week areas of the students and its remedial measures.
  • Appropriate assignment and project for better understanding of the learning material.
  • Maintenance of proper record.
  • Well equipped teaching learning strategies and methodologies.
  • Positive, warm and constructive attitude towards children.
  • Coverage of syllabus well in time.
  • Providing rich material to meritorious children.
  • Personal and appropriate care to every child.

Teacher Promise
Self discipline and Social commitment


  SUMMER: 1st April to 30th Nov. 8:00A: M to 2:00 P: M

  WINTER: 1st December to 31st March 9:00 A: M to 3:00 P: M

The timing may be changed as per Haryana Govt/ Educational Deptt. Instructions.



Monday & Thursday


Boy’s                                                  Girl’s

White Half Sleeved Shirt                  White Tunic

White Pant                                          White Full Sleeved Shirt Collar

White Socks, White Shoes               White Salwar

White Patka Up to 8th Class            White Ribbon

Blue Turban 9th To 12th Class         White Ribbon

Belt                                                       White Socks, White Shoes



Boy’s                                                         Girl’s

White Full Sleeved Shirt                          White Full Sleeved Shirt

White Pant, Blue Sweater/Coat             White Salwar

White Socks, White Shoes                       Blue Sweater/Coat

White Patka Up to 8th Class                    White Socks, White Shoes

Blue Turban 9th To 12th Class                 White Ribbon

Tie & Belt

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday


Boys’                                                                   Girls

Blue Checked Half Sleeved Shirt                      Blue Checked Full-Sleeved Shirt with Collar

Blue Pant                                                               Blue Salwar

Blue Socks, Black Shoes                                     Blue Socks, Black Shoes

Blue Patka Up to 8th Class                                 Blue Ribbon

Turban 9th To 12th Class                                    Belt                                                                                                         



Boys’                                                                Girls

Checked Full Sleeved Shirt                              Blue Checked Full- Sleeved Shirt

Blue Pant, Blue Sweater/Coat                         Blue Salwar

Blue Socks, Black Shoes                                    Blue Sweater/Coat

Blue Patka Up to 8th Class                                Blue Socks Black Shoes

Turban 9th To 12th Class                                    Blue Ribbon Tie & Belt